Use Easybind to make a runner or rug


Easybind comes in a choice of colours

Easybind carpet edging is one of those great products which was first invented for the professionals to use but is now happily adopted by lots of DIY enthusiasts and means you can make your own rugs and runners – economically.

The option of buying new is not always appropriate in today’s economic climate and anyhow, isn’t it satisfying to sometimes make something yourself? Easy bind makes binding a rug or runner very straightforward.

What is Easybind?

Make your own runner with Easybind

Easybind edges rugs and runners

How to describe it? Well, it’s like a quality, silky rope, which fixes to the edge of a carpet and seals the raw selvedges. It looks very professional and is very hard-wearing.


Make your own from remnants

It means that you can use up old remnants of carpet, left over from when you last had a new carpet fitted or available from some retail carpet shops for a song, and turn them into rugs and runners. What’s more, you can make them any shape and size.



Fits all shapes and sizes

For anyone who wants a runner to fit around a corner, or who wants a rug that fits an irregular shaped room or space, then this is a magic solution. Easybind carpet edging comes in a multitude of colours with some fun names – those of you who are fishermen might recognise John’s Moth (a very popular natural tone), Doobry (a lovely three tone red, gold and stripe combination), Cow Dung (yes, that’s right – it’s a pale green) and Green Peter (an elegant gold and green mix). In fact, there are 25 colourways. You can choose a contrasting colour, which will set off the tones of the carpet, alternatively selecting a matching colour will draw the eye to the carpet

Fixing your carpet binding

Fitting Easybind

Easybind is simple to fit

Applying Easybind is straight forward. It comes attached to a backing tape, which you stick to the reverse of your cut-to-size carpet; after that it’s simply a case of using a bead of glue applied using a standard glue gun, pinch it together and hey presto! Even corners are simple as the Easybind smoothly attaches around – even right angles.

Easybind is sold in a wide choice of colours and lengths at Carpetrunners and you can buy a glue gun as part of a kit.