How to Join Carpet to Tiles

A common question we get asked at Carpetrunners is: how to join carpet to tiles?

Many home owners now know that there are some very smart door thresholds on the market, but do not realise that there are specific designs which cater for joining up a carpet in one room to a ceramic tiled floor in another.

How to join carpet to tiles with door thresholds

FelineEdge door threshold

How to Join Carpet to Tiles

FelineEdge joins carpet to tiles

The FelineEdge solid brass door threshold is specifically designed to join carpets to ceramic tiles.  The tiles butt up against one side of the FelineEdge, whilst the carpet neatly dips under the central door bar and is secured underneath by the integral gripper prongs. FelineEdge comes as one integral strip and is attached to your floor by screws or adhesive, depending on the construction.  From above, you see a very smart, continuous and smooth strip of metal – perfectly finished and available in a range of metal finishes including chrome, antique bronze and polished brass.

Feline1 door bar

Carpet to tile door threshold

Feline 1 door threshold bar joins carpet to tiles – shown in antiqe brass

Alternatively, the Feline1 door threshold strip can also be used to join carpet to tiles.  The design of this door bar is ideal if you have a ragged edge to your tile, as the tile neatly fits under the central, smooth strip of metal, as does the carpet on the other side. The profile of Feline1 is like a “Z” shape, hence it is sometimes referred to as a Z-bar.  Held in place on the floor by screws or adhesive, the Feline1 is secure and has a perfect finish, which withstands foot traffic and wheel friction from vacuum cleaners etc. Again, made of solid brass, this door threshold offers top quality. Feline1 can be purchased in a number of finishes including chrome, antique brass and nisheen.


Aluminium door threshold alternatives

There are also solid aluminium alternatives to the FelineEdge and Feline1, which likewise join carpet to tiles and are available in polished and satin versions. They are a cheaper alternative to the solid brass versions.  The FelineA10 and FelineA13 join carpets to 10mm or 13mm thick ceramic tiles accordingly and the ANF is a design where the tile butts up against the door threshold.  All the above door thresholds are available from Carpetrunners.