Stair rods for winding staircases and spiral steps

For those home owners who own a staircase with a curved section or even a spiral staircase, there are two stair rod ranges which are designed to suit. The Blacksmith carpet rods and the Easyrods are both designed for stair runners and both are supplied with universal styled brackets as standard, which makes them ideal stair rods for winding staircases or spiral steps.

A standard stair rod bracket for a runner carpet has to be set at a different angle for each step as it winds. This can be quite tricky to achieve.  This can be seen in the image below which features a Masai Emerald runner from Roger Oates and Premier Stair rods.

Premier Stair rods for winding staircases

A standard stair rod runner bracket will have to be carefully angled on each step with a winding staircase

Universal stair rod brackets cater for the abnormal riser angles created by winding staircases

A far simpler approach is to use a universal bracket. Unlike a standard bracket, which attaches top and bottom, a universal bracket is attached with one screw at the top, allowing it to be easily positioned at the correct angle for each winding step. For anyone fitting their own stair rods, this is an ideal DIY solution.

Blacksmith stair rods made by Stairrods (UK)

The Blacksmith stair rods feature a universal styled bracket, ideal for both straight and winding staircases

Blacksmith stair rods for winding staircases

The Blacksmith carpet rods are rustic in their design, featuring a wrought iron finish with a protective coating against rust. They are made by Stairrods (UK), the specialist stair rod manufacturer, and were originally designed by a Northumbrian blacksmith called Rodney Brittain. Each rod is half inch in diameter and hand worked and beaten into shape so that every single one is unique. There are three different designs, which would all make a lovely feature to a staircase.

The slender Easyrods for runner carpets

The Easyrods are at the value end of the marketplace and come in just 3/8” (9mm) diameter – a slim version of a standard domestic stair rod. Unlike our other stair rod ranges which are metal, the Easyrods are made with plastic, coated finials on a hollow anodised rod.

For added convenience, all our stair rods including the Blacksmith and the Easyrods are coated in a clear lacquer, which means you don’t need to clean them. For advice on what length to order and how to measure up, please do take a look at our Help section on the Carpetrunners website.